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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey... Our House Paint Colors

So, I never actually read the book Fifty Shades of Grey, 
but I feel like I could write a novel on shades of gray paint colors.
repose gray
Seriously, Mr Benjamin Moore and Sir Sherwin Williams- 
do you think it's funny to make it so hard for a normal person to pick out a paint color? 
And who is the genius that comes up with the 
names that have no correlation to the actual color? 

OK. Enough ranting. Since it took some serious blood sweat and tears to get the paint colors picked out in our house, I figure I better track them here so I can refer back to them! (I am already having a hard time remembering and it has been less than a year)

When we moved in, the entire house was a neutral taupe. I can remember how much I loved it. It just seemed so neutral and bright. But after three years of living with it, the color became very blah and we knew we wanted to go with a more modern color that fit our family better.
Family room when we moved in

Now that the hall bath is finished, every room in the house has officially been painted since we moved in. That's a lot of paint to pick out! 

Main House- Repose Gray /  Sherwin Williams
halls, family room, kitchen, dining room
This was the scariest one to choose. We had painters hired and I was so afraid I was going to come home to purple, blue, or green tinted walls. What a relief when I arrived and it was just the right amount of contrast with the trim, while remaining neutral and airy.

Office- Slate / Restoration Hardware  

Master Bedroom- Comfort Gray / Sherwin Williams

Front Foyer- Tidewater / Sherwin Williams

Nursery- Palladian Blue / Benjamin Moore

Basement- Paladian Blue / Benjamin Moore

Hall Bath- Rockport Gray / Benjamin Moore

Powder Room- 

Below Chair Rail- Flax / Restoration Hardware
Above Chair Rail- Light Silver Sage Restoration Hardware
Ceiling- Custom Blend / Metzler Basement (also known as, a mix of all of the random paint samples in my house)

Guest Bedroom- Accent Wall- Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore) for the accent wall

Room- Mindful Gray / Sherwin Williams
one color darker on the Repose Gray paint card

Kitchen Fireplace and Back Cabinets- Slate / Restoration Hardware


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  2. Nice posting, thanks for sharing with us. Your blog is great and helped me feel better knowing about the house paint color. Thanks again!

  3. LOVE the curtains in the living room!! Where are they from???

    1. Jennifer- you would not believe that I made those from shower curtains. I bought them a couple years ago off of ebay and sadly they do not carry them any more. However, the original inspiration for me came from this fabric... although sadly much more expensive on this website:

  4. Heather, I love this! The greys you picked are amazing! Loved the home tour ;)

  5. I don't know that my comment went through... I love your paint colors! Are you still happy with Repose Gray throughout your house? Seeing Mindful Gray in your guest room, would you consider doing that throughout the whole house? I'm trying to decide on colors for my own home. The painters come next week! Thanks!

  6. Do you have a card to post that displays other colors you used? It's helpful for decision making to see all of the grays compared next to another. Thank you. Love your living room and the drapes. Did you make the pillow covers?


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