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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

easy & cheap Easter art

I absolutely love to decorate for holidays and the seasons, but find the spring holidays a bit challenging. I mean, as much as I love Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, I am not really a fan of using cupid, leprechauns and bunnies in abundance. 

Instead, for Easter this year, I went with bird egg and nest vintage printables and paired them with some bright frames. When I came across these old frames for $3 each, I fell hard for the coral matting and gold bamboo frame. I snatched them up knowing I would find a place for them.

But before we go on, I actually have a confession to make.
I didn’t even take the frames apart to add the artwork. Did you notice?
I just taped them onto the glass.

Call me busy, call me pregnant, call me smart, or call me lazy… I really don’t care! Because, I called this project done in about 2 minutes, and that is good enough for me! :)

If you are interested in using this art, I found it on the Graphic Fairy website. This is the same place I found my Octopus art for the Octopus Triptych. I could get lost on here for hours!


The bird egg and nest print can be found here:

 easy and free Easter art

And for the speckled egg print- click here: http://thegraphicsfairy.com/instant-art-printable-gorgeous-bird-eggs/


Easter Living Room

I love how simple two minute art can feel "Easter" without screaming "Easter". 

You know?


  1. I swear ... you have all the luck! :) Those are killer frames and for $3??? I need to shop with you more often! Hope all is well! xoxo, brett

    1. I am happy to show you the thrift store ways!! :) You just never know what you will find! :)


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